How to get FREE SAP System Access

Course Description

As a SAP aspirant and consultant we all need access to a training or a demo system from time to time. If you are employees with a large consulting company, then you might have access to the company’s training and IDES system but these system are not quite up-to-date.

However, if your interest lies with having to own your personal mini SAP system then you are at the right place. With this system, you get the newest SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server, which will allow you to experiment with ABAP Development, Business Workflow, Authorizations, the NetWeaver Business client, etc. This system is called NSP or minisap and you will get a free 90 days trial installation, and it’s license can be renewed for FREE when it expires.

The License for this system allows you to use it for training and demo purposes. It is not allowed to use this system for any commercial purposes. 

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create a virtual machine (VM) using Oracle's Virtual Box.
  • Where to download the correct Microsoft Operating Systems for your SAP system.
  • What SAP software to download and discuss the system pre-requisites.
  • How to backup your SAP VM installation.
  • Download and install the correct Java VM.
  • How to start the SAP install process for a successful install.
  • How to start and stop the SAP system Instance.
  • Install The SAP GUI.
  • How to request and renew your License Key 
  • How to install the Developer Key

Are there any system requirements?

  • RAM 4GB or above 
  • HDD 70 GB or above
  • Minimum Processor Intel i3 or above
  • Some Other Software Requirements (Covered in this course)