SAP Human Resource (HR) Super User Training

Course Description

SAP Human Resource, also known as Human Capital Management or HCM, plays an important role in building an organized management in an enterprise.

The general idea on Human Resource is related only to recruiting. But HR is much beyond just recruiting. In an organization, HR not just hires employees but segregates employees based on various factors such as department level, payment days, payment details, designations, promotions, change management and much more. 

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Introduction to the Course

  • Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the SAP System

  • How to Navigate in the SAP System

  • Role of Organizational Structure in the SAP System

  • A Business Example: Samsung Inc.,

  • Fundamentals of Human Capital Management

  • How to Create HCM Master Data in the SAP System

  • Perform end to end transactional activities (Hire to Retire Process) in the SAP System

  • A Bonus Task: Introduction to the Customization and ASAP Methodology

  • And Much More!

What you need to know before?

  • Have a basic understanding of Human Resource

  • No prior SAP experience is necessary, we will teach you SAP from ground up